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sábado, 30 de junho de 2012

Louis Tomlinson - Promise me

Promise me….

Louis said get up, and shouts the door with all his forces.
You try not cry, and control the tears, but you can
t take it anymore, the tears roll on your face. You grab your skirt squeeze it harder, you try to get up and follow him, but you can’t, you’re just sitting here looking at the door hopping for him come back and kiss you, hug you! But nothing, your breath start get heavily and the tears fall and fall you put both hands on your face and start cry harder, your heart is beating faster, and faster, you need him.
You laid on the bed and fall asleep crying. Next day you woke up thinking that what happens just was a bad dream
But you face up that WAS NOT a nightmare.
You walk down stairs, but you only saw your best friend.
-Good morning.
You said with your eyes full of disillusion and with a sad expression, but you try smile.
-Don’t try hiding what happen from me
- She said dropping some milk on her chocolate cereals.
You didn
t say a word just sit in front of her and pick some orange juice.
-What happen yesterday?
Your eyes are full of tears but you clean it before them fall.
-Why? Why he do that to me?
You look her in the eyes.
He broke up with you? She asks holding your hand.
You look away trying not cry, you take a long breath in.
And I dont know why He said he loved me, he say that were perfect and suddenly he leave me
Two weeks after you and Louis didn
t talk since he broke up with you. Its night, and youre sitting on your bed looking to a pic with you both (You and Louis) and the tears start falling from your eyes.
Suddenly your best friend comes in, you quickly clean your tears, but she noticed that you were crying.
-Hey B*tch, stop crying and let’s go to a party.
She said winking and trying to make you smile.
-I don
t want go
She said smiling and take a tube black dress from your closet.

-Dress it, I
m downstairs waiting you girl. She saying closing the door.
You dress It, and run downstairs.
-I don’t like it
- You said while you look to yourself in a big mirror on the dining room.
-You WHAT? [Your name] please, you look so hot, come on.
-Okay okay.
You both walk to her car, and drive to the party.
-Woww, this is full!
You said while you come in.
She scream while she run to the dance floor.
You walk around, looking for her, but you didn’t found her.
-Want dance?
You reply.
-Yes, Why not?
- You start dancing with the strange men, but suddenly he place his arms around your waist.
-Back off dude!
Louis appear from nowhere, and push him away from you.
You look to him.
He holds your arm and pulls you to an empty room.
-Hey, take out your hands from me!!!
You said trying to push him away.
He closes the door and pushes you against the wall placed his hand on the wall between you and the door.
-Let me out!
You said while you try to scape.
-Look at you! You look like a sl*t in that dress!
He said while you blush
-And so what? You broke up with me!
You said after you slap his face
He look at you in the eyes and hold your hands against the wall. He start to get closer and kiss softly your lips.
-Are you CRAZY! LEAVE ME!!!!!!!
You scream while you trying do all to scape, shaking all your body!
Please, calm down - He whisper on your ear, he found your eyes, you look to him, you see his eyes are so watery.
You stop for a while, he smiles a little, and he put his hands on your head grabbing your hair.
-Forgive me
  I need you- He pulls you closer.
-Why? Why, Why your broke up and then you want me back?
You ask looking him in the eyes.
-I didn
t want to hurt you, it was to protect you. I was so afraid, I didnt want you to get more hater from the fans

-Shhh babe, but I noticed that was the major mistake ever! I need you, please
Give me a second chance, and our real fans dont will hate you, theyll be happy because Im happy
You smile. And he hug you closer.
He bit your lip and sucked on it, you’re were making out for almost 30 min and you layed down and got more comfortable with each other. Your legs intertwined he had his hand on your thigh and he slowly moved his hand through your dress zipper, and being out in the open You was just about to say something and as he was kissing your neck.
-shhh, just let this happen. - He said it smiling.
-This is so dangerous Louis, here not!
He holds your hand and brings you to his car.
He turns on the car and start driving.
-Where do we go?
You ask a bit scared.
- Calm down babe, trust me.
He smile.
His beauty smile is back, Im so happy, were together, I love him’’ You think while you smile.
s go babe. He went out of the car.
-Where we are?
You ask.
He holds your waist.
-Look to the sky babe.
It’s incredible, the sky is so shinning with all those stars, you smile, it’s so beauty, he pick a flower from the ground and give you like a gentle men. You hug him closer, and he kisses softly your lips, playing with your nose with him. You kiss him again, hard this time, while he holds you tight.
-Promise me that you’ll never leave me again, please

He look into your eyes and hold you closer.
-I promise!
He kiss you longer, making your tongues meet each other and dance.
You both get in the car and make love all night with passion *-*

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