Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people. A

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terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012

Harry Imagine Story 1 - Part 2

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Harry Imagine Story 1 - Part 2


Warming: To all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people.

You wake up and Harry still sleep. You pick his shirt from the grown and you dress it to cover your body. You slowly get up, and pick your clothes from the floor, when you turn around Harry was looking at you with a big smile.
-Good morning – You said while you smile.
-Beautiful, how sexy you look with my shirt. – He winks, he’s playing with you. – Come here babe.
You smile and jump on top of him with a big smile.
- Yeah babe. – He takes your hand and while he kiss you passionately.
He slides his hands on your legs turning you on a little.
-I love you – He said with a deep and seductive voice.
-I love you too… - You said while you lay your head on his chest.
He picks his phone.
-Let me see what it’s trending on twitter. – He start laugh and look at you with an adorable eyes.
-What? – You ask, but you still with your head lied on his chest.
-On twitter it’s trending: ‘’1DRules’’ and ‘’Harry&[your name]’’
-But? How they know? – You ask raising an eyebrow.
-I don’t know babe. – He said while he reads the twitters
-No problem… - You laugh.
-Babe… I love when you smile, when you laugh, you turn me on all the time – He winks his eye.
You start laugh, you really love him, he kisses your forehead, and push a hair from your face.
-Harry… ?- You start playing with his nipple.
-What babe? – He smiles.
-I will take a shower okay? – You smile…
-Okay babe - He smile – Can I go too? – He starts tease you.
-Harry! – You laugh hard.
You get up and you slowly open his room door because the guys are sleeping. You run to bathroom, and close slowly the door, everybody is sleeping (You leave with One Direction in a mansion). You take off Harry clothes and you panties, and you turn on the shower, when you turn around Harry push you against the shower wall.
-I was not kidding babe, I want to take a shower with you. – He’s whisper on your ear.
-Huh? – His body is getting pressed against yours.
He kisses your neck while he turns on the taps. The water it’s hot and it’s sliding down on yours bodies.  He rubs your shoulders and kisses one of them. You too take a HOT shower together. When the shower ends you cover your body with a towel.
-OooH! Don’t cover your perfect body babe! – He said while he take your hand.
-Hahahaha… - You laugh – You’re so sweet…
-Sweet? Want taste? – He said winking.
-You’re so pervert! – You laugh.
- I was just kidding babe… - He smiles.
- What you want do? -  You ask.
-Let’s go to the park, to everyone sees that you’re mine!
-Awwwn – You kiss him so hard that your towel slips down.
-OH YEAH THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! – He start teases you.
You quickly pick up the towel and cover your body.
-Harry! – You laugh
-Let’s go babe. – He rubs your butt.
You walk to your room and you dress up, suddenly you get a call from your mom.
-Hello honey…
-Hey, I’m here in London, and I want you to stay here a week with us…
-Where mom?
-Remember when we come to London from the first time?
-Yeah… The yellow house?
-Yes honey.
-Okay, so you want me to stay here a week?
-Yeah. We miss you so much… Just a week, and then we come back to [your country]
-Awwn. Okay mom… - You said while smile.
-So you come today?
-Okay, See you later my baby.
She ends up the call.
Someone open the door.
-So you’ll stay a week with your parents? – Harry asks
-Yes, hope you don’t mind…
-No problem babe, but I will miss you…
-Oh I have to go, we go to the park later okay babe? – You smile
-Sure… If you want I drive you to your parents’ house… - he smile.
-YEAHH! Thanks…  - You kiss him.

A hour later you are in your parents’ house, you lunch, and then you sit on the sofa talking about Harry, your parents like him very much they thing that he’s a good boy.
When was night your parents are sleeping while you watch TV.
Suddenly you received a text, its Harry, he texts you that he miss you so much, so you invited him to come to your house.
He knock the door, you run and open it.
You both sit on sofa watch TV and cuddling,
He looks into your eyes, puts his finger under your chin and pulls your face towards him, and kisses you softly. He has his arm around your shoulder and grabs your leg and pulls it closer to him and caresses it. You start to kiss him harder and longer. He slowly starts moving on top of you while you slide onto your back. You stop, sit up a little and say:
- My parents are upstairs
-Shh, I’ll be gentle. - He said and winks at you.
 You bite your lip and start kissing him again. You feel his tongue slip into your mouth. And you both start breathing heavily as you feel him getting hard underneath his jeans while he starts to grind against you. He takes off your shirt and he starts kissing down your neck.
It feels so amazing… 

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