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domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

Niall Imagine Story 1 - Part 7

-Niall Wake up!!! – You said loud while you shake him.
-What baby? – He said while he opens slowly his beauty eyes.
-Come on! You know that we have go to Ellen studio at 7:30 AM!
-But baby….
-Come on Niall!
He pulls you by your waist and kisses you deeply.
-Let’s go. – He smirks.
You both rush to dress your clothes, and run to Niall car. He turn on the car, and start drive to Ellen Studio.

-What Time is It babe? – He ask you smiling but still looking to the highway.
-Uh… it’s 7:15….
-Okay we’re almost. – He places his hand on your leg and caresses it.
-Niall !
-What babe? – He smile while he drive the car with the other hand.
You giggle.
-You like when I do that don’t you?
You blush. He smirks and keeps drive. Finally you both arrived.
-Come on baby! – Niall said while he shut the door.
You both walk to the studio, where the Ellen assistant was waiting for you.
-Good morning, follow me please. – The girl said while she take off her glasses.
-Good morning! – You and Niall said at the same time smiling and follow her.
You both get in a small and a little empty room, just with a sofa and a little table with old magazines.
-Please wait here. – The assistant said while she closes the door slowly.
You both look to each other and sit on sofa.
-What time is it? – You ask.
-It’s 7:45 am baby, we have time… - He smile.
 -Yeah… -You look around the room.
You catch him staring at you and biting his bottom lip.
-Stop looking at me like that! - You said.
He doesn’t say a word, looks into your eyes, puts his finger under your chin and pulls your face towards him, and kisses you softly. He has his arm around your shoulder and grabs your leg and pulls it closer to him and caresses it. You start to kiss him harder and longer. He slowly starts moving on top of you while you slide onto your back. You stop, sit up a little.
-Not here Niall!
-You’re right but just one more kiss baby… - He said while he gets closer to you.
You giggle… And kiss him sweetly, he pull you closer and kiss you harder and longer, you feel his tongue slip into your mouth. He bit your bottom lip and then kiss you softly down to your neck and suck it a little leaving a love bit on it.
Suddenly someone knock the door, and come in.
-You guys are ready? – The assistant ask.
-Yes… - You said blushing.
-So let’s go the show starts in 10 minutes!
You both follow the girl, while he teases you pushing you a little with his shoulder.
The “Ellen show” starts.
-Today we have two special guests. One of it is from a band and the other is a talent girl! Want to know who they are? ITS NIALL AND [YOUR NAME] – Ellen says while you both walk in.
The cameramen point the camera to you guys while you both walk and sit on the sofa.
-So Hi there... – Ellen smile.
-Hi. – You smile
-Hello Ellen. – Niall said while he runs his hand through the sofa trying to find your hand.
-You know that you guys are now the cutest and the best couple! – Ellen says smiling and looking to you both with cute and proud eyes.
You look to Niall and smile.
-Yeah she’s amazing. – Niall said looking you passionately into your eyes .
You giggle.
-Well first of all, I will ask you some questions and right next I’ll see the Twitter questions. –She smile.
-Sure… - Niall said smiling too and finally find and hold your hand.
-Okay first question: what it is on your neck [your name] is love bites? – She ask giggle.
-Well… - You Laugh.
-Was Niall ? – She asking looking at him and laughing
-Yes… - You laugh looking at him.
Niall blush and smirk.
-Hahaha… Well the second question is: Where did you guys met?
-Well… I we both were in red carpet, taking photos and with the confusion I went against her and then… Uh… I don’t know… we talk the whole night long and then a few days I invited her to go out with me. And when she moves out to London us (One Direction) invited her to come to our house, because our mansion is really big.
-That sounds so cute, and: How did you guys started dated? – Ellen asks while she looks to you.
-Like Niall said, I live with them in the mansion, and I and Niall have a really strong relationship! I don’t know how did happen but our relationships grows every single day till we really fall in love. And then happen… - You smile while he caresses your hand.
- I have no more questions let’s see the questions from twitter. – She said while she pick her Ipad – This question is from ‘’OhMyNiall[your last name]”  And she is asking: ‘’Is Niall Horan good on bed?’’. – Ellen giggle.
-This is so weird! – You said while you look to Niall with a ‘’OMG’’ face and giggle.
-You can say baby! – Niall said laughing.
You blush and laugh.
-I’m not good! I’m amazing, you screa--
You put your hand on his mouth.
-Shhhh NIALL! – You giggle
-Okay… Let’s go to the next question. – Ellen said giggling – The next question is from ‘’_Directioner_’’ and she’s asking: ‘’Niall, who is the hottest? Rihanna , [your name] our Emma Watson? “
-Uh… I think [your name] is the best… [Your name] body is really beauty and sexy, and she’s really pretty… I think that Emma Watson is hot too but [your name] is the hottest.
You blush.
-Oh Niall you made [your name] blush. – Ellen said smiling while she searches for the next question. – Well the next question is from ‘’Dreaming_about_You’’ And she’s asking: ‘’[Your name] what is your favorite part from Niall body >.<’’
-My favorite part from his body? You mean the whole body or just down his neck? If it is the whole body I like his eyes and his hair, if you’re saying down his neck I like his abs… - You smile.
-Well [your name] we have a surprise for you. – Ellen smile.
-What? :o – You ask.
-It’s a little girl called Rebecca she completely loves you, and check out this cover she makes of your song. – Ellen says while in the big TV appears the little girl singing your song, she’s just so sweet, and your smile grows up in every verse she sings.
-She’s just adorable. – You said while you do a big smile.
-Okay, but first of all Rebecca don’t know that you are here, is a surprise for her too.
You smile. A big door opens and Rebecca a little girl with 6 years old appears. She gets paralyzed look at you, and then she starts run, you get up and catch her in your arms. She smiles like never before. You smile too.
-Hello Rebecca. – You said smiling.
-Hi… - She said a little shy.
-I hear your cover, and you’re a fantastic singer. – You smile.
-Thanks… I love you very much… You are my idol. – She said blushing.
You laugh, how cute she is.
-Your boyfriend is beauty like you. – She said looking at him.
-Yes, he is. – You said giggling while Niall smiles and waving his hand to the little girl.
-Well we have to go but before, please a duet, Niall and [your name].
You both look to each other and smile. You and he sing in a sweet and lovely way and at the end he kisses your lips softly.
The show ends. You and Niall go home; it’s almost lunch time so you’re in the kitchen cooking the lunch cause nobody is in home. Niall's on the couch watching TV. He looks back at you and winks, you smile. He bites his lip, turns off the TV and walks over to you while you’re standing over the stove. He comes up from behind you and kisses your neck.
-Babe that smells delicious. – He said.
He slowly slips his hands to your waist and pulls you a little against him.
-Niall stop!
He kisses on your neck and hugs you from behind. You turn around and kiss him back.
-I think I prefer other thing for lunch… - He turns off the stove.
-No babe… - You said.
He carries you and sits you on the counter and kisses you down to your neck, then up to your lips. He has his arms around your waist and takes off your top slip it up. He lays you down on the counter and slips out your bottoms. You’re breath gets heavily.
-No Niall we can’t, and if someone walks in?
-They are not home… - He said biting your boobs.
-And if someone come into the house? – You said and he carries you to his room upstairs.
-Now you don’t have excuses! – He said push you to the bed and climbing on top of you.
You can feel his men parts getting harder on your leg, you feel so good. He kiss you moving on top of you.
He teases you biting your lip and sucking it right next, softly moans escape from your mouth while he thrusts you slowly. [You know what happen next don’t you? ;) ]
*** When you both get tired you dress his shirt and he dress his boxers***.
You’re both are now cuddling on his sofa, you’re straddling on his lap while he run his fingers through your hair and kiss your lips softly.
-I’m so in love with you… - He says looking into your eyes.
You hug him close, and kiss him… You feel the same way. He’s so cute. He pulls you closer to him by your legs and kisses you deeply and longer.

-Baby I’m hungry! – Niall said smiling.
-So let’s go lunch out! – You said winking your eye.
-Where? – He ask kissing your forehead.
-What about a restaurant?
-Oh, I know one it’s close to here.
-So what we’re waiting for?
-Let’s go!
You both dress up, and he drive to the restaurant.


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  1. You know what?
    Wow, that's incredible! (no, I'm not a pervert, nooooo :p)
    So please, continue your imagines (and particularly the hot imagine of Niall~) !!