Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people. A

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domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

Harry Imagine Story 1 - Part 4

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Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people.

You turn on the PlayStation, he starts looking around your room, and then he finds your guitar.
-Hey, babe… You play guitar? – He asks.
-No… But I wish I could… - You said while he picks your guitar.
-I can teach you babe. – He said and smile for you.
-Really? – You smile – That sounds amazing! – You turn off the PlayStation and you sit on the bed.
He sits behind you, you hold the guitar and he holds your hands from behind, he kisses gently your neck while he rubs your hands.
-I’ll teach you the ‘’One Thing’’ okay? – He asks while you smile.
He teaches you the notes for the guitar, and finally you learn the chorus, now he’s teaching you the rest of the song.
-No babe, put your hand right here. – He said while he rubs your hands and kisses your cheek sweetly.
-Here? – You ask.
-Yeah… - He said in a deep and sexy voice.
3 hours after your mother knocks your room door.
-Come in – You said.
-Honey a men is downstairs waiting you guys.
-Who? – You ask raising an eyebrow
-I don’t know…. – She said.
You and Harry run downstairs, IT’S UNCLE SIMON!
You both run and hug him.
-Hi Simon. – You said.
-Hi Uncle Simon. – Harry smiles.
-Guys, I’m here to invite you to come to my beach house.  I think that’s a good idea for One Direction and for you [your name]. First of all, we can make shows, and we can relax on the amazing beach house… You don’t want pass the summer here or want? He in London is raining and in L.A the beach are amazing.
You look to your mother, she’s hear all.
-Sure honey you can go. – She smiles.
-Really? – You smile too.
-Yeah – She smiles again.
-OK SO I GO!!! – You said smiling a lot.
-I can go too… - Harry smiles.
-Okay guys, the limo it’s outside waiting you. Harry your things are ready on the limo, the guys put all here.
- Okay thanks, I’ll help [your name] do her bags.
You and Harry run your room, and packed your things.
-OMG I’m so happy babe. – Harry said while the rub your butt.
-Yep me too. – You laugh.
Finally you’re done, and you both run to the limo.
-Hey! – Zayn said.
-Finally you guys come!!! – Louis smile.
-Now let’s go? – Harry said while he sits by your side.
You have fun with guys on the limo, and finally you guys arrive on airport.
You and the guys get in in a private jet. You fall asleep on Harry lap while he sings “everything about you” on your hear and play with your hair.
Finally you guys are in L.A. It’s amazing, the sun, the beach… ALL!
-Finally! - Harry said while he wakes you up.
-What? – You said while you open slowly your eyes.
-WE ARE IN L.A BABE! – He said while he kiss your cheek.
-Cool. – You smile.

Two hours after you guys are in beach house, in separated rooms… You look to the sky, it’s so blue, and it’s so hot… You dress your bikini and your beach dress and run to Harry room.
You come in without knocking and he’s only in boxers with unbuttoned shirt.
-Oh I’m sorry babe. – You said.
-No problem… Come in… - You come in.
You’re blush looking down, he laugh and push you closer to him.
-Why you are blushing pussycat?
-No-Nothing. – You blush harder.
He kisses you and lay you on his bed and starts tickling you and kisses your belly.
-AHHHH Harry STOP HAHAHAHAHAHHAH STOOOOP – You scream while you laugh.
-Never. – He keeps tickling you while he laugh too.
-Harry.. Can I ask you something? – You said smiling.
He stops tickling you and you sit on the bed.
-What? – He asks.
-Want go to the beach with me? – You ask with a big smile.
-Sure babe, he said while he stand up and take of his boxers.
-WHA-WHA-WHAT ARE YOU DOING? – You are paralyzed.
-I’m dressing my beach breeches! – He said while he dresses it.
You lay on the bed blushing so harder. Harry gets closer to you.
-Are you okay babe? – He asks.
-Stop talking to me I’m dead. – You said x_x
Harry start laugh while he kiss your forehead. You sit on the bed and smile to him.
-So let’s go? – He asks you.
-Suuuure. – You smile and get up.
You both walk to the beach, the sun is shining on your skin, paparazzi don’t stop take pictures.
-Hey hey. [your name] here! – Paparazzi scream.
You look but Harry pulls you by your hand.
-Harry, you and [your name] are dating?
Harry looks to you and kisses you.
-That answers to your question? – He said while you both start walk faster.
You look to him; he seems a little angry, he noticed that you are looking to him so he looks to you and smile. You smile too.
Finally you’re in the beach. You and he sit on the sand.
-Babe, don’t be afraid. Here paparazzi can come in. It’s a private beach, only celebrities can come in. – Harry said while he kisses your cheek.
-Yep I know… - You smile
Harry laid on the sand and get on top of you.
-So my little princess what you want to do now?
-Hahaha I don’t know… - You said while you play with his hair.
-Humm…  What about surf?
-No…. – You smile.
-Uh… What you want to do sweet?
-I don’t know… Maybe surf?
-But I asked you…. –He looks to you and you are laughing. – Oh!! You will see.
-Wait here I’ll bring the surfboards. –You get up while he sits on the sand with his glasses on.

8 minutes after you come with the surfboards but you noticed that a girl is sitting by Harry side and sliding her hands on his beauty hair. You look down… Harry looks around and fined you, he gets up and run to you.
-Hey babe. – He said.
-Who is she? – You ask.
-Oh… She’s Miranda. It’s my friend… I didn’t see her for years!
-Uh…. – You said while you look to her.
-Are you okay babe? – He smiles
-Yeah Yeah sure… - You said while he hug you and kiss gently your neck making you smile.
You don’t like Miranda… She’s looking at you with jealous and angry eyes.

You and Harry have fun surfing. When you both come back Miranda was waiting you.
-Hey. I want invite you guys to come to my party tomorrow night in my house.
-Sure we go. – Harry said.
You didn’t say anything; you just do a simple smile.
-Great. – She said while she winks her eye to him.
You pull Harry closer to you and you start walk in front.
-See you. – She shouts.
You both walk home you didn’t say a word.
-Babe, are you okay? – He asks.
-You can’t lie me, sweet. – He kisses your cheek
-I don’t like her! – You said blushing.
-Miranda? Why? – He said while he opens the house door.
-Because she’s trying to seduce you! – You said
He start laugh.
-Babe, this is not true Miranda is just my friend… And even if it was true what you're saying…. – He gets closer to you, you can feel his breath getting hot and harder. – I love you.
You blush harder, he took you in his arms and walk to the bathroom.
He looked the bathroom and pushes you against the wall.
-Let’s take a shower babe.
While he said that, he pulled the knot of your bikini, making it slide down. He put his hands on your face and kisses you passionately. Suddenly he slides his hands down to your waist grabbing your butt, sliding your panties down. He takes off his beach beeches and pushes you to the shower. He sweetly washes your body and your hair.
- Oh baby your body is making me turn on. – He said while he slides his hand down to your leg.
You laugh.
-Now it’s my turn to wash you. – You said while you slide your hands up to his abs.
You start wash him, he looks to you and bit his lower lip.
-Down baby! – He said.
You get down to his belly.
-More, more down baby. – He said with a sexy voice.
-Oh I was so close!
-No you weren’t! – You both start laugh.


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