Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people. A

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segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

Louis Imagine Story 1 - Part 1

Iмαgiиє αbσυт Louis
Warming: To all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people.

You and Louis are in his room, he start jump on his bed.  
-Look, I’m a Ninja!… -   Louis said while he jumps higher.
-  Louis ! Be careful… You’ll fall! – You advise.
-No babe, I’m a ninja, ninja don’t fa-- - He falls – Ouch!
-   Louis !!! I told you – You help him get up while you laugh.
He didn’t say nothing he just unbuttoned his shirt
-Wha-What are… you doing? – You blush.
-I have a booboo, and I need you to be my nurse.
- Oh… - You laugh – Okay… So lie down and let me check if everything it’s alright.
He lies down, while you take off his shirt.
-So… Where his your booboo?
-Here - he points to his shoulder.
-Okay let me fix that. – You kiss his shoulder.
-Here too. – He points to his belly
-Here? – You point
-Yeah… - He said with a deep and seductive voice.
You softly kiss his belly making him feel good.
-And here too babe. – He points to his mouth.
You blush and get closer, he holds your waist and pulls you against him, you kiss him softly.
-Now, everything it’s alright?
- No, I think I need one more kiss. – He pulls you closer and your body it’s really pressed against him. You kiss him roughly this time, and he’s pulls you more and more against him. Then he rolls in the bed, and he’s now on top of you.
-Now it’s my time to cure your booboos – He takes off your shirt and he slides his hands down to your shoulder, touching your boobs.
He’s making you feel so great, and so pleasure. He kisses you passionately and rubs your waist, his body is really pressed to yours and you can feel his men parts. He start bit your bottom lip, and the things are getting hot.
-  Louis – You sigh with pleasure.
- Babe, I want you so much. – He sucks a little your neck.
- No… We can’t   Louis , and if someone come in? – You said while he touches on all your body.
-The door it’s locked. – He said while he slides off your skirt.
You keep kissing him while he rub your leg and run his fingers through your hair.
-I was waiting this for so long babe – He said while he bites your ear.
-I want you  Louis … - You smile.
-You have already stolen my heart; can I have your in return?
-Sure. – He kisses you passionately.
You and he make out till get tired, then fall asleep on each other’s arms.

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