Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people. A

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domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

Hotel Room with Niall Horan

Imagine about:  Niαll нσяαи 
Warming: To all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people.
You finally arrived; you will stay in a hotel in L.A… You and the One Direction are in the same Hotel, but in separated rooms.
You don’t know where are boys, so you decided to go to the pool…
You are walking out to the pool then Niall get out the pool with water dripping from their hair and down their glowing body.    Niall see's you stop staring and walks over to you.

-Finally you come! – Niall smile.
-Haha, I didn’t know that you were here.  – You reply laughing.
He picks you on his lap.
- Niall ! What are you doing? Put me down.
-Let’s get in the pool together. – He said while he walks with you on his arms.

His body is against you, you can feel his abs, his arms around you… He jumps to the pool with you in his arms.
You and he get some fun in the pool for some hours.

Finally you both get out the pool. You were walking to your room and then you feel his hands around you hugging you from behind. You feel his warm breath against your ear. ''I want you. Room 789 at 11pm, the door will be unlocked.”
-Niall? – You ask while you turn around.
-Don’t forget. Room 789. – He smile and go away.

You were confused, but at the same time your heart is beating faster and faster.  You walked to your room, and you choose your clothes. You are really beauty.  Finally it’s 11pm and you walk to his room.

-You come – He said while smile.
-Yeah… - You said blushing.
He gets up and holds your waist with his left hand, and lock the door with the other. Both sit on the bed, he still with the hands around your waist. You snuggle up to him, so he reaches down and start kissing you softly, he break the kiss and smile for you. You blush and look down, and then he put his hand on your cheek and the other still around your waist, he pull you closer and kiss you harder this time. He takes off your jacket and you shirt then kisses your belly. He bits your bottom lip, and starts to lay you down on the bed…
-No Niall  . - You said while he kisses your neck
-Beautiful, it’s so hard to me, you turn me on all the time, I can resist! – He bit your lip again and lay you on the bed.
Niall … - You sigh.
He unbuttoned his shirt, and then he rolls on the bed make you stay on top of him.
The rest you decide ;) Have fun.

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