Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people. A

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segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2012

Harry Imagine Story 1 - Part 5

ºClick here for the part 4ºWarming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people.

(Okay first of all I think I overdid it on the ''sexual'' parts... But I hope you like it)
*-*-*-*Next Day*-*-*-*

-Harry!!!! – You shout from your room.
He starts run and opens your door.
-What pussycat?  - He asks with hard breath.
-Did you saw my tube black dress? – You ask while you smile.
-Babe… No… - He said holding your waist from behind.
-Maybe it’s on your room. – You smile while you walk to his room.
You start looking around his room.
-Babe, I’m sure that your dress is not here. – He said while he closes his room door.
-But… I have sure that I put it in my bag!
-We can go shopping today. I hear that here have amazing shops! – He wink.
-Really? – You smile.
-Yeah, I love go shop with you babe. You look so sexy in everything. – He said while he slowly pushes you to his bed.
-Harry what are you doing?
-Just having a little fun with my beauty kitty. – He said while laid on top of you and kiss your neck.
-No, It’s not you, Have something in the bed.
Harry look to you, and blush.
-Ah.. It’s nothing babe, forget it!
-No have something here. – You get up and take off the bed sheet.
-Babe! – Harry blush
-What the…? Why my bra is here? – You look to him.
He picks the bra and start running.
-Harry! Come back here! 
You start run too.
- I can explain!
-So explain. Dirty mind! – You said.
-You didn’t sleep with me tonight so I picked your bra and sleep with him. And you’re beauty boobs touched on it. – He smiles.
-Harry! – You start laugh.
He gets closer to you and kisses your lips.
-Now give it to me. 
-No, It’s mine! – He said.
-I can stay with your bra! – He said wink
-No you can’t! – You said while you try pick the bra.
-Yes I can. You have my heart, so I have your bra! – He said while he slaps your butt.
- Awnn, That was cute. Okay you can stay with my bra.
-And with your panties too?
-I stole your panties too!
-Harry! – You start laugh hard while he puts your bra on his chest.
-Look to me I’m [your name] and I’m a DAMN SEXY MAMA! – He said teasing you.
You start laugh harder. He lay on the bed and push you making you sit straddle on his lap. 
-Yeah sexy thing, come to daddy. – He said while he slides his hands on your butt.
You start kiss his neck making him feel good.
- [Your name] you’re turning me on so much… - He says while he does softly thrusts on you.
-I want you Harry. – You whisper on his ear and right next bite it softly.

 He’s sliding your shirt up exposing your breast. 

-Gosh [your name]… - Harry said while his breath gets heavy. 
He rolls on the bed, now he’s on top of you and starts kiss your chest.
-Harry… - Your breath is heavy too, he’s making you feel so good.
-Babe… Only you can drive me crazy like this… - He said while he takes off your skirt.
-I love when you’re crazy… - You smile and kiss him passionately.
Suddenly someone come in.
-Uh… Sorry? – It’s Paul.
-Dude! – Harry said while covers your body.
-Sorry guys… I forget knock… But I find your dress lady.
-Tha-Thanks. – You said blushing.
-Paul. Thanks can you leave it here. – Harry said smiling.
Paul put it on the chair and closes the door slowly.
-That means that we don’t need to go shopping. – You said.
-Yeah, and means that we have more time baby. –He locks the door, and run to the bed again.
He starts biting your bottomlip.
-Babe I really need your body right now. – He said while he grabs your leg and pulls it closer to him and caresses it.

You start to kiss him harder and longer. He slowly starts moving on top of you while you run your hands through that beautiful hair of his. His motions are in sync with his kissing; you feel his tongue slip into your mouth.

- Babe… Wait a second. – He said.
He stops to take off his shirt. He stands up and takes off his jeans too and then you pull him back down onto you. You’re driving him crazy. He’s only on boxers on top of you so you can feel ANY part of his body. It’s so good. It’s so hot. You can’t stop now. Then he pulls your body closer to him and you starts rub his back. He loves when you do that. Suddenly the phone start ring.
-No! Not now… Now I’m with my sexy lady. - He said out of breath.
-Uh… Harry… Maybe… You should answer it! It can be important. – You said while his body gets more pressed to yours.
- Nothing is more important than my pussycat. – He said moaning a little.
You stopped and sit on the bed.
-Come on Harry!
-No babe, don’t do that to me!
-Answer it! – You wink
-But babe.  - He tries to pull you.
You look to him.
-Fine!!! – He picks the phone and answers it.

5 minutes later he ends the call.

-So..? – You ask while he gets on top of you.
-It was only Miranda asking when we go
-But she didn’t say that’s tonight? It’s only 3 pm o’clock!
-I know babe… But she said to come at 8 pm.
-Sure… - You said with a fake smile.
-Now us… - He kisses you passionately.
You both keep doing your “things” till get tired.
After about 1 hour you are laid on top of Harry kissing him.
-Babe this was so good… - Harry says while he slides his hands up and down on your waist.
You just smile.
-Babe… It’s 7 pm maybe we should get ready for the party… - He said while he slowly sits on the bed pulling you to his lap. 

You and him get ready and go to the party. Her house is full of pap and celebrities. You blush and come in, Miranda pull Harry by his arm to come into her house. You get a little mad… 
Everybody is dancing and having fun, you and Harry are dancing and have fun, you noticed that someone is looking at you, and for sure it’s the stupid Miranda looking at you with a jealous smile. 
-Babe, Want something to drink? – You ask
-Yeah, babe… - He said while he rub your waist.
-Okay, wait here I’ll be right back with our drinks. – You wink.
-Okay princess – He said slapping your butt.
You walk to the little bar; you pick 2 glass cups of juice. When you come Miranda and Harry are kissing, she’s holding his neck...Why he don’t stop that kiss? Why he’s doing that? You got paralyzed, the cups fall from your hands and broke in million pieces like your heart. Everybody looks at you because the noise of the cups falling on the ground. The tears fall from your eyes, you start run away. Harry look and you push Miranda away from him with anger running and following you. 
-[your name] Wait. – He shouts. 
You run to house, open quickly the door. 
-Hey sweet what happen? – Simon asks following you upstairs.
You didn’t say a word you just locked yourself on your room. You can’t believe your Harry kissing that b*tch! The tears are falling from your eyes, you can’t control.
-Open the door! – Harry shouts.
You didn’t say anything; you don’t have words to him. You feel so bad, your body fails, you’re on my knees, you cover your face with your hands and start cry hard.
-Please [your name] open it! – The tears start falling down to his face.
-Leave me. – You said while you try to control the tears.
-It’s not what you thinking! I swear. – You can hear that he’s crying.
You didn't say anything, your heart start beating slowly like you’re dead.
-Please! [Your name] – He begs.
-Leave me ALONE! I don’t want to talk to you anymore! – You said while you cry.
He punches your door and cry harder. You laid on your bed and fall asleep crying.
Suddenly you woke up with a sound from outdoor. You open your window and suddenly Harry came through it. 
-Please, Please, Please can you please hear me for a while?
-No. Get out!

He steps closer to you and you instantly take a step back.
-Please. – He looks to you with watery eyes.
You shake your head no.
He takes another step towards you, you take a huge step back but suddenly your back hits the wall, Harry quickly jumps in front of you before you can escape.
-Now listen to me please. Wasn't my attention to kiss her! SHE KISSED ME! You know that my heart only love one girl and this girl is you. – He says holding your waist.
You push him slowly; you don’t want him to touch you.
-Please, believe me… I swear I only want you, and if you not here I’m not me, I can’t leave without you. I didn't want to kiss her, I only want you. I love you.
You slap his face while your tears fall from your eyes.
-If you really love me you haven't kiss that b*tch.
He puts his hand on his cheek.
-This is not true! I didn't kiss her, SHE KISSED ME. Please trust me!
You go to slap him again but he held your hand before it reaches his face. 
-Get off me! - You scream.
In a one quick movement he lets of your hand and grabs your face instead and touched his lips on yours. You push him away and run to the door trying to escape him, he chases you and shuts the door, he push you against the door and places a hand on right side of you, trapping between him and the door.
-Why do you have to make everything to much harder for yourself? – He said with his eyes full of tears.
He pull you closer to him and kiss you, he close his eyes, his tears fall from his eyes sliding on his cheeks, you can feel it too, you don’t want to stop him, you love him so much.
-Forgive me. – He said while he slides his hands down your waist.
-Kiss me Harry. –You beg while you push him closer.
He kisses you with all his forces, all his heart. He pick you up and throws you onto the bed passionately, he undress you without saying a word, just kissing you sweetly, he takes off his clothes too and thrusts you, giving you a wave of sensation, you moan. When you both get tired he laid by your side.
-I love you- He said. You see the hope and desperation in his eyes.
-I love you too… - You said almost out breath.
He pulls you closer and gives you wet kisses on your necks up to your chin and then to your mouth.


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