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segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012

Harry Styles Imagine -I didn't forget you ...

Harry Styles Imagine -I didn't forget you ...

‘’-I need to show you one thing. – The little boy said
-What? – The little girl ask
-Come on.
Start run to a beauty garden, they play, they are so young but in their eyes you can see the love. Suddenly a man grabs the arm of the little girl.
-Come on, let’s go! – The men say
-No daddy! I want to stay here! – The little girl says with watery eyes.
-Come on! – The man says.
-Bye… - The little girl says.
-I swear I’ll found you (your name) I’ll never let you go! – The boy says holding the little girl hand and looking with his green eyes into hers.
-Swear? – The girl asks.
-Yes. We’ll be together. I’ll protect you forever–The boys says while the little girl get in the daddy car, and go away from that place.’’

-''Never let you go''... - Your eyes start shining. Your pull a hair from your face and stuck it on your ear, Caat look at you and smirk.
-That’s so confuse! - Caat says while she sit by your side.
-I know! But I dream it since I was 9 years old! He told me ''never let you go''... But I just can’t remember his name, and I can’t remember his face, only his green and beauty eyes
-I don't know...
-Girl, stop thinking about it, and let’s just enjoy this AMAZING party!
-You're right...! - You stand up and smile.
After 2 hours you decide to go home.
You walk alone, the road it’s so dark, You don’t hear anything beyond your heels to hit the floor. You look around, you feel that someone is looking at you, you start walking faster, you’re a little scared… Suddenly a man grabs your arm.
-uh? – You look to him.
His smile grown up. He looks at you with evil eyes.
-Hey girl… You’re hot! – He says while he pull you closer.
-Get out of me STUPID! – You said while you try to push him.
He didn’t let you go he starts get closer and tries to kiss you.
-Didn’t you hear her? – You hear a sweet voice.
-What? – The men push you making you falling on the ground.
-You’re so silly. How can you do that to that sweet girl? – The boy says.
-Shut up! –The men pull your arm.
The boy push the men against the wall and punch his face, he looks at you.
-Run… Don’t look back! - The boy says smiling.
You didn’t say a thing you start run, but you look back, and you see, the boy start to get punch. You look down and you found a bottle. You pick it up and you hit the men on the head.
-You’re okay? – You ask with  watery eyes.
-I’m fine thanks… - The boy says standing up from the ground.
-You’re bleeding! – You said while you get closer to him.
He looks at you in the eyes, his eyes… You can remember his eyes! It’s like the eyes of the little boy from your dream.
-My name is Harry can I know yours?
-[Your name] – You said blushing.
-Well [your name] a massive thank you… - Harry said smiling and put his hand on your right arm.
You blush.
-That’s what I say, you helped me… - You smile.
Harry said while you and he walk to your house, ‘cause he wants to have sure that nothing bad happen.
Finally you’re in your door home.
-Did he hurt you? – He ask.
-No, but he hurts you, please, let me fix that…
-No that’s nothing.
You open the door, and push him by his arm.
-Sit here please. – You said while you pull a chair, and he sits on it.
-Please, {your name} this is nothing!
-Wait here. – You say softly and smile a little, he waited for you, and you back with a first aid box. You open it and you take a piece of cotton and clean his wounds on top of his lip, you touch a little with your finger on his bottom lip, and you blush.
-Thank you. – He said holding your hand.
You smile, it’s like you both know each other for years. He gets up.
-I got to go, hope see you again. – He said smiling.
-Yeah… - You blush.
He kiss your cheek sweetly, you hear his breath on your ear, your heart start racing, you can’t describe how you feel, his sweet lips, his beauty eyes…
-Harry… - You look into his eyes.
You get close, your lips touch on them, you can feel his heartbeat, your heart is racing, you want kiss him so badly, but you take a step back and look down blushing.
-Hey?... – Harry said getting closer.
-I know this is strange, but when I look into your eyes… I-..I don’t know I feel something…
-Never let you go… Remember? – He said.
Your eyes open suddenly and you look at him, his green eyes, look at you with passion like the boy on the dream, now you can remember all, your daddy move you to this city, and Harry swear that will found you, and will protect you.
-Ha-Harry… - You look to him paralyzed.
-You remember? I’ll protect you forever, no matter what happen.
You didn’t say nothing, you hug him close, you can remember all your jokes, all the time you and him pass together, all the promises…
-I waited this time for you, looking for you, protecting you, and… Loving you.
You blush, you feel the same, he pull you close and place his hand on your check.
-Since we have 5 years old, I fall in love with you, and now I can, I can finally say that, please, (your name). – He said getting his lips closer.
-You didn’t lie… You protect me, you found me, and I hope you never let me go again…
He smile and kiss you sweetly, his lips, his touch, you want him so badly! He pushes you gently against the wall and kiss your neck… You can’t believe, he waited all this years for you, you pull him closer to you, kissing him passionately, your tongues slip and dance together, and that turns you on a little, you stop a little to breath, but he didn’t waited too much time because he want you too, you pull your waist against him, he start moving against you sync with the kiss, he place his hands on your waist, and start run his hands on your back beneath your shirt. You feel so pleasure, you push him making him fall on the couch, and you get on top of him and start kissing him harder and longer. He slide your shirt up exposing your bra, he blush and kiss your neck again. He sits you on the couch and he rides his tongue up & down your body, and stops to take off his shirt before he presses his body against you. You take off your sweats. He stands up and takes off his jeans and then you pull him back down onto you. You both are so in love, you both didn’t forget that love for years, He pulls you back up and lays you down on the couch, spreads your legs, and pushes himself into you. It feels so amazing. He starts pumps you slowly. He don’t want to hurt you, just want to give you pleasure, is your both first time, he waited too much for this, and you too. You bite onto your lip and breathe heavily while he goes in and out of you.
-Ughhh Harry, please… - You moan.
-I’m hurting you babe? – He ask almost out of breath.
- No… That feels amazing… - You said while you scratch his back making him get closer to you.
Little moans escape from your mouth cause it feels so good, you both keep doing till you get tired, he kiss softly your lips.
-This was amazing… - He smiles.
You blush.
-Love you… - He hug you.
-Harry… I love you too. – You both kiss.

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