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quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

Liam Imagine Story 1 Part 6


He hold you closer, you can hear and feel his heart beat faster. You blush a little, now you know he really loves you. You smile a little and he noticed and smile too.
-You’re so beautiful. – You said while his smile grown up.
He pushes a hair from your face and stuck it on your ear.
-Sorry, sorry if I made you cry, it hurts me to think that you've ever cried, and then I saw your tears falling. I’m so sorry… - His smile disappear he looks down sadly.
-Stop it Liam ! Stop hurt yourself… - You smile to him trying to make him smile too.
He looks to you and smirk; you push him by his arm and kiss him longer and passionately.
-Now you’re mine! – He whisper on your ear.
You giggle while he pulls you closer.
-Now let me fix your heart with love… - He smiles.
You laugh while he tickles you. Suddenly someone knock the door.
-Wait a second! – You said while you both rush to put on your clothes.
You run and open the door.
-Yes Uncle Simon?
-Hmm… Today at 7pm will be a limo outside waiting you guys.
-Why? – You ask.
-Because tonight One Direction and you and your cast will be on American awards. One Direction will sing.
-Cool… - You smile.

*(For who don’t know you’re a famous actress/singer)*

Simon closes the door.
You open your closet and start to take off some dresses from it.
-What are you doing babe? – Liam asks holding your waist from behind.
-I’m trying to choose the dress for tonight!
-Can I help you cat? – He asks.
-Mmm sit here. – You push him to the bed and wink.
-But how can I help you sitting here? – he ask raising an eyebrow.
You didn’t say nothing just start to dance sensually in front of him while taking off your shirt. He smirks. You dress one blue dress and walk over him teasing him. You stop in front of him.
-So what you think? – You ask wink.
-Not bad… Turn around- He said.
You turn around and he slaps your butt.
-Ouch Liam ! – You turn to him and push slowly his balls.
You start laugh, he look to you and pull you to the bed climbing on top of you.
-Liam I have to choose the dress…. – You said with low voice.
-I choose for you… - He takes off your dress.
He blush a little and kiss your right breast. You blush too. He picks a pink cute dress.
-Try this one. – He said while you pick the dress.
The dress is perfect.
-You have sure? – You ask.
-Yes… You’re looking like princess.
You blush.

***3 hours latter you guys (One Direction and You) are in the American Awards. ***
You’re sitting in one dining table with your cast and unfortunately Liam and One Direction are sitting in other table. You’re so bored. Have so many people. Your cast is only talking about Adele and other singers. You’re start to get super and super bored and inpatient because you’re waiting your food.  You start look around the place and your eyes finally stopped in Liam . His eyes lock with yours and he smile to you. You noticed that he’s bored too, so you wink your eye and bit your lower lip. He smirks and looks to the door and points while he turns and wink at you.
He said something to the boys and walk to the door. You get up.
-I’ll be right back. – You said to your cast.
-Where do you go? – Mike and Abby ask.
You ignore their questions and follow Liam .
You open slowly the door. And Liam was leaning against the wall waiting you.
-Where we are?
 I think it's the room where they put the technical material. It’s just an empty room – He said while he looks around.
-And I think that we should not being here!
-Who cares? – He said while he pulls you against the wall and give you love bites on your neck.
-Liam … - You said while your breath gets heavily.
-Shhh baby… I need you, I need your body, I need your kisses, and I need everything about you. I was so bored here… Please just for a little… - He begs, you can feel his hot breath on your neck.
-Okay, but just for some seconds… - You said, his breath on your neck and his love bites turn you on a little.
He pressed his body against you, and put his arms around your back. Your lips met his lips and both kiss each other with passion. His hands run your back trying to find your dress zipper and he found it; he pulls your zipper down slowly, you’re so turn to stop him, you know that you can’t do that things here, but he drives you so crazy.
-Liam … We can’t… - You said while he kisses you on every word you said.
-Shhhh sure we can… - He said while your dress slip down.
It’s uncontrollable; you bite your bottom lip and take off his shirt exposing his beauty abs. 
He grab your legs and placed them around his hips thrusting you a little. You both make out furiously like you both didn’t saw each other for years. He push you against the wall to help him to support you. The things are getting to hot and uncontrollable, he starts to get faster, and at the same time his breath gets heavily. You can’t help too much just moaning a little. His love bites get more intense. You pull your waist closer to him. He can’t take it anymore.
-Please babe. – He lay on the floor and pull you making you stay sit straddling on his lap.
A little moan escapes from your mouth. 
He start to thrust you, it feels so pleasure and hot.
-Scream my name baby; I love when you do that! – Liam demands you.
-LIAAAAAAAM! – You scream and giggle.
He smirks and pulls you closer to find your lips. Your tongues are dancing.
 -Baby… - Liam moans a little.
You look him into his eyes… Suddenly you hear a loud music.
-Oh Gosh, I think the show starts! – You said siting up on his lap.
-It’s better we go… - Liam said smiling.
-Yes, - You wink.
You both dress your clothes faster and walk to your tables.
-Why did you take so long? – Mike ask.
-Uh… I get outside and uh… a fan asks me for some photos…
-And why you have that love bites around your neck? – Abby asks teasing you.
You cover the love bites with your hand and blush.
Liam ! – You think to yourself.
Suddenly a strange hand touches on your shoulder. You turn around.
-[Your name]?
It’s Ellen from “Ellen Show”.
-Ellen? How can I help you? – You smile and blush.
- Well… Tomorrow I’ll do an “Ellen Show” and everybody is talking about the new AMAZING COUPLE, you and Liam for sure… And I was thinking if you both want to come to a little interview… 
-For me it’s a yes, but You have to ask Liam too…. – You smile
-We just did it a few seconds ago. He said the same thing as you. – Ellen smile.
-Okay, if he say it sure we go. – You giggle
-Okay, In my studio at 7:30 pm.
-For sure.
She walk away…

***After the American Awards***

-Babe can I sleep with u? – Liam said while he opens slowly your door room.
-Liam ! It’s 2 am o’clock. – You said while you sit on the bed.
-Sorry I woke you? – He blushes.
-Yes, but no problem… Come here. – You said as smile.
He walks to your bed and climbs on top of you, and start biting you neck and right next sucking it.
-No, No, No! 
-Why babe? – Liam ask
-Because it’s 2 am and we have to be on Ellen studio at 7:30! 
-You’re right.
He lay by your side, and you placed your head on his chest, he start play with your hair and sings softly on your hear.

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