Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people. A

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quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Liam Imagine Story 1 - Part 3

Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people.

- My parents are upstairs
-Shh, I’ll be gentle. - He said and winks at you.
 You bite your lip and start kissing him again. You feel his tongue slip into your mouth. And you both start breathing heavily as you feel him getting hard underneath his jeans while he starts to grind against you. He takes off your shirt and he starts kissing down your neck.
It feels so amazing… Suddenly the rain start fall outside, you stop him for a little.
-Liam! You have to stay here tonight babe.
-I like it, but why babe? – He asks while he breathes heavily.
-It’s raining so much, and it’s so later, please stay here with me… - you said while he kiss your neck.
-Okay babe. – He smiles at you, and then he keep kiss your neck.
-Liam, let’s go to my room… – You smile to him.
-You have sure? – He asks winking.
-Yes! – You smile. – Let’s go ^_^
He takes your hand and you pick up your shirt from the floor, and he follows you upstairs. You slowly open your room door; you don’t want to wake up your parents. You push him down on the bed. He’s smiling and he pulls you down onto him. You make out with him. You bite his lip and he smiles. You kiss him along his jawline and down to his neck while he laughs. You are both being very playful and you’re on all fours on top of him and he reaches over and slaps your butt and grabs it.
-Like it? – He winks at you.
-No! That hurts! – You laugh.
-Hurt? –He slaps your butt and grabs it one more time.
-Ouch! Liam!!! – You laugh and you suck his neck!
-Mmmmh Yeah babe, I like it! – He runs his fingers through your hair.
He kisses your forehead and you take off his shirt, you pressed your body against him, making your breaths get more heavily. He like it very much so he pull you closer and closer, like you two are just one. You two just want have a fun night, so he laid you on the bed and kiss your belly turning you on a little. You start feel shivers while you bit your bottom lip. He start kiss you up to your neck and then to your mouth (You know what happen next 
J )

Next day you wake up on his arms and he whispers on your ear:
-Good morning Mrs. Payne…
You do a big smile and you kiss him harder as you can!
-Good morning…  - Smile.
-I think your parents aren’t home. – He said while he sits on the bed.
-How do you know? – You sit by his side while you cover your body with the bed sheet.
-Because I hear the house door open and close. – He smiles to you.
-I’ll check, but first let’s take a breakfast because I’m hungry. – You said.
-Yeah I’m hungry too. – He smile and look at you with a lovely eyes.
-Why you are looking at me with these eyes? – You ask while you threw a pillow on his face.
-Because you’re the one that I love, the one that I want, the one that looks sexy with my shirt, the one that stole my heart, you’re all for me. – He said while he kisses you, run his finger through your hair.
-Awwwn, you’re so sweet… - You blush.
You pick his clothes and you dress him, he likes when you play with him.
-Hahaha, now it’s my turn to dress you babe. – He picks a dress from your closet.
He slides the dress up and before he dress it he kiss your body near your boobs.
-Okay, now let’s go … - You said while you messy his hair.
-Let’s go lady. – He kisses your hand.
You start laugh and he too, you both walk to the kitchen, and you see a paper on the fridge saying: ‘’[your name], me and your daddy will be away for some hours, have fun, by the way, if you want invite Liam to lunch with us.’’
You show him the paper and he smiles.
-So… You want me to lunch here baby?
-Babe, you want to walk somewhere, because yesterday we didn’t go to the park? – He asks.
-But it’s raining!!! – You said while you pick the cereal and the milk.
-But babe… Oh I have an idea. Let’s go just ride away, want? – He asks while he comes up from behind you and kisses your neck. His hands are on your waist.
-Okay, that sounds cute- You said while he kisses on your neck and hugs you from behind. 
You turn around and kiss him back. You both eat the breakfast, and run to his car. He opens the door for you and holds your hand as you step up into his car. He shuts the door behind you and gets in his side. He sits back and looks at you as he licks his lips.
-Haha what’s that looks for? –You smile and ask.
-Nothing babe. –He kisses your lips.
He starts drive with one hand and the other on your leg that turns you on a little. He stops the car. You look through the window and anybody is around. He leans over to your side of the car, takes your head in his hand and kisses you. You’re making out as he bites your lower lip. It gets more intense. You feel his tongue against yours, and you’re both breathing heavily and your hearts are racing. He slides into your seat and you straddle his lap.
-No… We can’t and if some else see us?
-No problem babe, I have dark car windows, we can see them but outside they can see us. – He explains while he does slowly moves on you.
You laugh and kiss him, your tongues are playing. He can’t wait.  You’re both in the passenger’s seat making out furiously. He has one hand caressing your legs, and the other reclining the seat. You and he make out till get tired. He sits you again straddle on his lap and kisses your lips softly. The windows are steamy. He writes “Liam <3 (Your Name)” in the window. You lay your head on his chest & he kisses your forehead.
-You’re so crazy! – You said while you laugh.
-Only you can make me do those things.
Your phone rings it’s your mom, she tells you to come home to lunch, he drives you to home, and he lunch with you, your parents talk a lot with him, and ask him if he want to dinner at their house too. He can’t resist and he said yes, because he want to stay with you so much, you both walk to your room.
-Want to play something on PlayStation? – You ask


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