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domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Niall Horan Story


You’re walking with me (Caat hihihi) on the street, we both just come from the Shopping Centre, and we feel a little tired cause we’re carry bags full of new clothes. We are walking faster with our hairsflying with the wind.
Suddenly somebody walk against you making your bags fall on the ground.
-Sorry, I’m so sorry. – A sweet voice said while helps you pick up the bags.
-No problem… - You said trying to pick all the bags.
He touches on your hand accidently making you both look into each other eyes. His blue eyes look deep on yours, he smile, awwn, his smile is just adorable. You blush, he’s so beauty, he gets up and helps you get up too. He shake is blond hair and smile.
-Hope see you again… - He said while he start walk.
You smile, and he replies you with a wink. You and me, start walk again, to your house.
-What you think he means by ‘’Hope see you again’’ – You ask with a smile.
-Maybe: HE WANT SEE YOU AGAIN. Duuuuh! – I reply teasing you.
-But Caat… That makes no sense.
-Maybe he likes you… You have to admit that your smile is adorable!
You smile again…
-Yes… Maybe…
You can’t take that blue eyes of him of your head, that boy from your heart, and you don’t even know his name…
-Caat how can I see him again? I don’t even know his name, NOTHING about him… - You said open your door house.
-Calm down! Woow giiirl that boy really touch you! – I said laughing.
-Argh! I don’t know, he’s so cute… - You said while you place the bags on the floor.
-Okay… I gotta go. See you tomorrow. – I said smiling and walk to my home.
You close the door slowly and sit on your couch; you shake your head, trying to forget that boy. It’s impossible to see him again. You don’t know anything about him, NOTHING. You get up, and walk to the fridge and take out some orange juice. You drop some on a cup and drink it.
A couple weeks after, you didn’t saw the boy… So you decide to search for that boy, you walk down to the road; you walk for all the places that you have and when you met him but nothing… You’re little sad, but you realize that it’s impossible to see him again. Suddenly start raining and you still walking on the road, feeling a little lost, you want that boy so much, you didn’t forget him… The rain is slipping on your hair, and falling on your shoulders. A hand touch on your shoulder, and a umbrella appears above you.
-Huh? – You look back, it’s him.
-Hey… - His blue eyes look deeper into yours, you blush.
-H-Hey… - You said smiling.
-What are you doing on the road with this rain falling? – He ask.
-I-I I was… Uhhh… And you what are you doing here?- You don’t want to tell him that you was search for him.
-I ask first! – He said look at you raising an eyebrow
-I was just walking. – You said looking away… You start shake, it’s cold.
-Looking for me right? – He ask teasing you and taking off his jacket.
-Wha-What? Noo… - You blush.
-Take… - He said while he wrap his jacket around you.
-Well… Can I know your name? – He asks, placing his hand on your wet hair, looking you in the eyes again and smiling.
-[your name], and yours? – You smile back.
-Niall… But come on lets go it’s cold here… I carry you home. - He smile. While flip his hair.
You both walk meeting each other better, he’s so adorable, you can’t believe but you are falling in love with him, his words, his smiles, his everything!
-It’s here…
-So… I know it’s a little strange asking this but you want go out with me tomorrow, maybe… - You noticed that he blush a little, while he look away.
-uh? Su-sure… - You blush.
He smile and kiss softly your cheek, you start breath heavily, and your heart start racing, you never felt like this, and why you feel this? He only kiss your cheek nothing else!
-Cool, I’m here at 11am. – He said smiling while his beauty blue eyes start shinning again. You smile back as he walk away waving his hand. You get in your house, and close the door leaning your back against it right next, You feel something, he’s so cute, he’s so sweet.
‘’Uh? Wait… What I should dress tomorrow? O.O” – You think while you run upstairs.
You open your closet and choose your clothes.
You laid on your bed, and you fall asleep. Next day you wake up and quickly take a shower and dress your clothes (click here to see the clothes), didn’t take a lot for Niall come.
The bell ring and you open it.
-Good Morning… - He said smiling look at you with his beauty eyes.
-Morniiiing! – You said while you both walk to his car.
He opens his door car.
-Please, Lady, get in. – He said playing with you, you giggle and get in.
-Thanks Mr.Horan. – You tease him.
He winks his eye and shout the door, He get in the car too. He start drive, you don’t know where you are but you are enjoying the drive, you can see green grass, beauty selvage horses running, it’s so beauty, you’re eyes start shinning, he take you to a beauty place.
-Where we are? – You ask confuse but loving that place at the same time.
He stops the car, and look at you.
-Hope you like it. – He said blushing and open the car door.
You both get out the car. You opened your arms and slowly closed your eyes to feel that incredible breeze, you never feel so free, that place is so incredible (click here to see that place). You took a deep breath, and turn around to him. He is leaning with his back against a tree. you noticed that his beauty blue eyes look are looking at you. You blush, he smile.
-Hey… - He said walking closer of you.
You blush.
-Yes? – You said while he holds your hand.
-Open your hand now. – He said sweetly.
You open it, and you see a beauty little flower.
-Thanks… - You blush and smile.
Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the flowers, the trees, the butterflies. Smell the rain, and feel the wind... – He places his hand on your cheek. – But that beauty things are nothing compared with your beauty smile, and your beauty eyes.
-Uh… - You blush.
-But I learn that the real beauty is invisible to the eye but found by the heart. And I found you.
You blush. He place his hands on your nape, rubbing your hair, and kiss your forehead. Your breathing became heavier.
You start run, teasing him and playing.
-Come here! – He said giggling.
-Catch me first!!! – You said giggling too.
You ran through the green grass, feeling the breeze in your hair, the smell of flowers, running through the trees, making the birds and the butterflies flying away.
He hold you on your waist and you both fall rolling on the grass and you end on top of him, you both start laugh for a while and then slowly stop and look to each other eyes. His eyes are shinning, like yours, you feel a strong desire to kiss him, you want this so much, and before you can stop yourself you lips start getting close to them. Your lips touch softly on his, he slide his hands down to your waist and kiss you sweetly, he lick a little your bottom lips, making you open your mouth and let get in his tongue, he kiss you passionately while his tongue slip on yours, before that gets more intense you put your hands on his chest and push your body away from him.
-No… - You said.
-Why? – He said in low tune.
-We can’t… We don’t even know each other, it’s impossible.
-You can’t say that you don’t feel the same… - He said sliding his hands on your arms.
-Feel what?
Soft touch, amazing scent, beauty from a goddess and a voice that is mesmerizing, you have my heart, soul and body without a doubt, your love is so powerful and breath taken with us together. Can you feel my heart beating fast when I’m with you? I never feel that way, feeling like you’re the only reason to live, making you smile is the only reason to breath.
You blush, while your eyes shining.
-I can say that I feel the same, but--- - Before you can end he pull you against him again and kiss you.
-Stop talking… And do what your heart say! – He demand with a smile.
-I love you. But I don’t know how… I mean you’re so sweet, beauty, incredibly but I never felt this way, for the first time I saw you, my hearts beat faster and faster, and I couldn’t stop think about you before that – You said blushing.
-Be mine… - He whispers on your ear kissing your shoulder.
You smile, and kiss softly his lips.
But I already am! – You said giggling.
He smile and hold you close.
Every single day your love grown, and you both fall in love more and more for each other.
-Every day I find more reasons of loving you.. – He said.
***Two months after…***
Walking hand in hand with Niall, the cold air on your skin, sending goose bumps all over your body, you turned to Niall, looking into those blue eyes and smiled, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.
-Want my jacket babe? – He asks sweetly always smiling.
-No, I’m fine, we’re almost…
It was not long until you get home.
-Finally!!! – He said laying on the sofa.
-Yeah… - You wink to him.
He bit his lower lip and with his finger calling you to come to him.
You walk over him blush a little. He pulls you by your waist making you stay straddle on his lap.
You’re so cute when you blush,- He whispers and places his lips on yours, as he pulled away you blushed again, with a smile on your face.
You laid your head on his shoulder and kiss his neck while you play with his hand. You look up to him again, placing your soft lips on his neck, you started to suck, leaving a mark, his eyes closed and a moan escaped his mouth. You slowly moved your hand under his pants, playing with the hem of his boxers, a gasp escapes his mouth.
-Stop tease me babe… - He whisper while he turn on a little.
You giggle and kiss him passionately, he grabs your ass pulling you closer, you break the kiss, looking into his eyes, and you just smile. You start tease him more licking his neck and suck it right next.
-Ugggh babe! - Niall moans in your ear, his hot breath on your neck, sending chills all over your body, turning you on more.
He grab your butt and pull you closer to him, doing moves. You can feel his men parts getting harden under his pants. He starts to pull your dress up, breaking the kiss, exposing your bra. He kiss your neck and slide your tights with one hand while run his fingers through your hair. You take out his pants. You both make out for some minutes till you both get naked.
-Have sure babe? – He asks while he breath on your ear.
-Please… I want… - He smiled at you, pecking your lips, he bends your knees and brings your legs up, then he slowly pushes into you, giving you time to adjust, you moan, turning your head to the side, closing your eyes with pleasure.
He smiled knowing the pleasure he is giving you, he trusts faster, you bite your lip trying to hold in your moans, a few escape through your mouth.

-No babe, let it out, I love hearing you moan, hearing you scream my name. – He managed to say, you let out a few moans, not being able to control yourself,
-UGH NIALL, OH GOD! – You scream moaning louder.
-Yes! Scream my name; I love when you scream my name! – He said rubbing your butt hard!
You both keep doing love till you both reach the climax.
Now you’re both cuddling watch the fire on the fireplace.
-Was hot babe..
-Yes… - You smile.
-Know what? – He asks
-I’ll make sure that you smile ever, and I never will hurt you, I love you.
-I love you too. – You kiss him passionately.

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