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sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

The Babysitter - Harry

-Okay she’ll be right here in a minutes. – You mother said and right next hung up the telephone.
You turn around to her, and she smile.
-Dear, remember Alice? – She ask.
-Yeah… Why?
-She needs someone to take care of her daughter Mandy while she’s out. – You mom tell you.
-So you want me to take care of her? – You ask raising an eyebrow
-Yes please, If you don’t care… - You mom smile.
-Sure mom.
-Okay she’s waiting you.
You get dress and you walk to their house, is not too far. You shake your hair and knock the door. A little girl open it, it’s Mandy.
-Hiiiii {YOUR NAME}! - She pulls you by your arm making you get into the house.
- Hi Mandy, where is your mom? – You ask to the little girl while she closes the door.
-She just left; didn’t you see her leave in her car? – She asks with her beauty blue eyes shining and looking at you.
-No… - You smile.
-My cousin came back from London yesterday - she said, smiling.
- You have a cousin living in London? - You asked open-mouthed.
- Of course I have! - She pretended to be offended. - I never told you about it? Harry he came to visit us last year ... Finally, he came back yesterday because Mom and Dad convinced him to spend two weeks with us ... And his accent is ridiculous now, but ... pfft ... who cares?
She laughed with his imitation of the accent of Harry ... and threw himself on an ottoman beside the bed.
- Oh, oh - she sighed, evaluating me seriously. – Hazza 's have no girlfriend - his evil grin returned.
You rolled your eyes.
- No, Mandy ... - You said slowly. - Do not even think about it ...!
Suddenly you both hear a car arrive, she run to the window and turn around to you with a big smile.
-It’s Harry!!! – She giggles!
Before you can say something she got you by the arm pulling you into the floor below, running down the stairs, running down the hall ... Suddenly you bump and fell sitting on the floor.
- Excuse me - an angelic voice sounded a few inches in front of you, and you felt two warm hands on your shoulders. - Are you hurt?
The British accent. The voice was sweet, kind, gentle and worried. The voice was soft and calm...
You look up meeting his eyes, he look to you and smile.
-No… I’m just fine. – You blush.
He helps you get up.
-She is my babysitter Harry! – Mandy said smiling.
-Nice to meet you. – He smile.
-Nice to meet you too. – You giggle still blushing.
A few hours later her mom didn’t come yet, and it’s almost 22 PM.
-[your name] I want to sleep. I’m a little tired… - She said looking at you with his
eyes about to close.
You carry her to her room and then you laid her in the bed, and wait till she fall asleep. You walk down stairs.
-She is sleeping? – He ask always smiling.
-If you want you can go home I take care of her… - He say, blushing a little.
-No… I have to wait for Mrs. Alice. – You smile.
-Okay… Want do something? – He asks smiling.
You blush.
-Maybe… - You look away.
-Let’s see a movie or something. – He smiles while he push you by your arm to the sofa.
You sit while he chooses a movie. He choose a Terror movie, you hate that types of movies, but you didn’t say nothing just make a worried smile. He sits by your side and look into your eyes and then he smile. His smile is the most beauty smile in the world. You smile too. He bit his lip and turns his head to the plasma TV on the wall. You stay a while looking to his beauty face, he noticed and look to you.
-What? – He asks gently.
You turn your head to the TV quickly.
-No-nothing… - You blush.
He smirks and turns his face to the TV.
While you watch the movie you feel so scary. You get so scared that you scream and hug him closer. He blushes. You blush, and you get off your hands off your hands of him.
-So-sorry. –You feel so embarrassing.
-Shhh… - He places his hand around you. – This things are not real, and you don’t have to say sorry, I'm here, and you can hug me when you want.
You didn’t say nothing just stay blushing look at him. You feel better with those words. You look to the TV watching that movie, and feeling his warm arm around you. You look to him, and he look to you, exchanging glances, he’s so close to you, you blush a little, and you feel that desire to kiss his pink lips, you want this so bad, he start get closer to you, You blush even more, his lips touch on yours, you feel his warm lips, oh god you want so bad to kiss that lips, but you turn your face away.
-Sorry… - He said blushing.
You look to him again, he blush even more. You giggle, he look confuse to you.
-I was thinking… We can do something with Mandy! Tomorrow… - You smile.
-Yes… Go the beach, park? Maybe… - He smile too, loving the idea.
-Maybe to the park! – You smile
-Yeah sure. So you come to our house and then I drive us to a fantastic park that I found.  – He smile.
You smile and blush. You look to the clock, is 1 am o’clock , it’s strange, why didn’t her Mrs. Alice come?
-Okay. That’s sound amazing.
A few minutes later Mrs. Alice comes.
-So Mrs. Alice I got go.
-Thanks [your name] Sorry for made you wait, but I’m busy this mouth… - She said smiling a little blush.
-So good night, see you tomorrow. – You smile and walk to your home.
It’s a little late so you feel a kind of scared walking alone in that dark roads. Suddenly someone hug you from behind.
-BOOOOOOOOOOOO! – He said on your ear.
You let a loud scream and he covers your mouth with his hand.
-Shhhh {your name} – It’s Harry!
-Harry! You scared me! – You giggle.
-Yeah, I noticed… - He teases you a little.
-What are you doing here? – You ask smiling.
-It’s so late, and I don’t want you to walk alone! – He said smiling.
-Thanks… - You blush.
He took you home.
-It’s here… - You smile.
-Sorry for that but I can’t take anymore. – He said it and then he place is hands on your cheeks push it closer and kissing you. Your heart his racing, you are in shock, but slowly you close your eyes, enjoying the kiss. He’s kissing so passionately, you never felt that way. You take a step back to breath, he look into your eyes and slowly pull you against the wall kissing you again, wrapping his hands around your waist. You blush and keep kissing him, placing your hands around his neck and messy is beauty hair. He pushes you closer to him, hugging you tight. You both stop kissing to take a breath, and look to each other eyes. He smile a little blush, you smile too.
-So see you tomorrow… - You said opening your house door.
-See you. – He smile.

***Next day***

You knock the door and Harry open it.
-Good morning.
-Good morning. – He smile.
-YEEEEEEAH [YOUR NAME] – Mandy jump on top of you.
- So let’s go? – Harry asks smiling.
-Sure… - You smile.
You walk to his car, you sit Mandy on the back sit, and then you close the door. Harry open you door and you get in. He get in too, and then  he drive to the park. He park the car and you guys walk to the park. Mandy finds her school friend and she start play with him. You and Harry sit on the grass watching her.
-Why did you kiss me last night? – You ask breaking the silence.
He blush.
-I don’t know, you have something, I don’t know what but you… You are special you are not like the other girls… You are beauty inside… You are beauty all the ways… I don’t know what I’m feeling but you just… just make me want stay close to you, make sure that you smile. And last night I feel a desire to kiss your beauty lips.
You smile. And look away.
-Psst… [your name] I’m serious… - He blushes even more.
-Harry… - you smile.
He walks his hand through the grass founding yours and holds it. You look to him but he is looking away blushing a lot. You hold too and smile.
-Mandy is having fun… - You said breaking the silence.
-Yeah I know. – He smile.
You notice that he’s looking at you; you blush and turn your head to him. He smile, you giggle. He slides on the grass getting closer to you.
-Know… Beauty girls deserve smile every day.
-Yes, but the beauty inside, the beauty that eyes can’t see…
-That’s sweet.
-And that’s why I want making sure that you always smile.
You blush, and for sure you smile.
-Everything about you is beauty [your name].
You giggle.

You and he get closer while the days are passing. You get in love with him; you never met someone like him, you want him, you desire his kisses. You never told him, but you love him so much. But he have to come back to London, his parents live here. A day before he goes he asks you what you feel for him, but you didn’t reply him... Now you are on the airport with Mandy, you look to the airplane with watery eyes, watching him go. You don’t want him to go, you want run and hold him and kiss him!
-Go! – Mandy said worried.
-What? – You look to her quickly and turn your eyes back to the airplane.
-I know you love him, please he’s almost get into the airplane, if you don’t want him to go: run it, it’s your last chance, [your name] go! – She said, you blush, how cans this little girl with 8 years old say those things? You nodded and run. You run through that people, He start get into the airplane, the hostess start close the door, you scream his name, he turns his head back but it’s too late. The airplane takes off. The noise is big; your hair is flying with the wind, the tears fall from your eyes down to your neck. How can you be so dumb? Why didn’t you tell before that you love him? But now it’s too late, you look down clearing your tears, Mandy walks to you.
-You are okay?
You smile.
-Sure! Let’s go home! – You giggle.
-You don’t need to act like that… - She said hugging you.
You hug her too, and you both walk home.
A couple days after.
The bell rings, your mom open it.
-[your name] is in home?
-Oh, you are [your name]’s friend, don’t you? She’s with Mandy and Mitchel on the beach. In these last days she has been a little sad…
-Can I wait here?
-Sure sit on the sofa. I’ll be right back; I’m going with Mrs. Alice to shop. But [your name] is coming. Bye.
Your mom said as she pick her bag and get out.
A few minutes later you’re in home, you just leave Mandy with Mrs. Alice because she want go shopping with her and your mom. Your mom forgot tell you that your friend is in home, so you think that you’re alone. You start walk upstairs and then someone hug you from behind. You let a loud scream.
-Boooo!!! – He said. NO, this can’t be true, you can’t believe. That touch, that voice, that breath on your ear. You quickly turn around… You are in shock, it’s- it’s – it’s Harry!
You look to him in shock, you take a breath. Your eyes are watery, he smile. You are stopped looking at him.
-Before you ask… I back because I could stay without you.
A tear fall from your eye, you smile and hug him close.
-Sorry… I was so dumb…
-Why? – He ask looking you in the eyes.
The tears roll on your face.
-When you ask me what I felt for you, I hide my feelings, but when I saw you leaving, go away from me… Now I can say… I love you, and I always did but--- Before you can end, he kisses you, his tongue slip on yours, his hands slide up and down on your waist.
-I love you too… - He smile.
You both start kiss, he carry you to your room not breaking the kiss and lay you on the bed, climbing on top of you, kissing your neck. You moan softly. You pull him gently, he looks at you in the eyes, and you giggle taking out his T-shirt. He smile and tease you biting his lip. You giggle, he take out your shirt kissing your belly, letting love bites on your boobs and neck. You let softly moans scape. He’s being so gently… He presses his hot body against you, making you feel so good. You both make out till get naked.
-Have sure babe? – He ask.
-SURE…  I need you, I love you, and I want you… - You giggle.
And after those words he thrust into you, making you feel good, and pleasure. He bit your lip while he moves in and out of you. Both breaths get heavily making you want more and more, you moan, he loves it.
-Harry… I’m close!!! – You moan loud.
-Me too… - He said kissing you neck again.
After that, you both lay on the bed cuddling and touch nose to nose.
-I saw you running on the airport… - He giggle.
- Yeah I tried but it was too late… - You blush
-No it wasn’t… When I saw you, I tried to get out, but they didn’t let me, then in London I buy tickets, and now my family going to live here and then I can stay with you…
You blush and hug him. He looks into your eyes and kisses you passionately.
-I love you…
-I love you too…

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