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terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

Hot Morning With Zayn

You are waiting Zayn for almost 2 hours. He do this all the time, and you have to admit that you are so sick of it! And you know why he takes so long, you have sure that he’s with Perrie. Suddenly a hand touches on your shoulder.
-Sorry… - Zayn smile.
This time you did not smile.
-Really? I’m just sick of waiting you. You call me and then let me wait here!
-I was with Perrie, sorry… - He try hug you but you put your hands on his chest pushing him a little.
-Stop… - You said looking down.
-[Your name] stop act like that!
-I’m not acting, I mean, you do this every day, you invite me and then I have to wait for you!
-I know I know a massive sorry! I promise that tomorrow we’ll pass all day together!.
-Yes? – You smile
-Yeah… - He kiss your cheek.
-Okay, but if you repeat it--
-Shhhh! – He whisper.
You giggle.
-Know what? Me and Perrie sleep together this night. – He smile
You feel a little sad, cause you love him and hear that things make you feel bad, you look down with watery eyes.
-You are okay? – He asks.
-OHH, and how it was? Like: UGHH YEAAAH ZAYN HARDER!!! – You act like that didn’t affect you teasing him.
-No! We just sleep we didn’t have sex… - He said winking.
Hearing that words make you feel a little better.
-Well I got to go, see you tomorrow. – You kiss his cheek…
-See you babe! – He smile.
Next day you’re sitting on the park waiting for him AGAIN!
“F*ck, he promises me… He said-He said that he’ll be pass the day with me and now he’s late again… Now He only cares about Perrie…’’ – You think almost cry
-Hey… - He touch on your shoulder.
-Let me guess you’re late cause you were with Perrie?
-hm.. Yes… - He said lower.
-Yes whatever… - You get up and start walk home but he hold your hand and pull you.
-I have one thing to tell you.
-Perrie told me to never talk with you again, she said: “It’s me or her”. – Zayn look at you in the eyes.
-Oh… I get it… - Your eyes get full of tears, you look away, you don’t want him to see you cry.
-And that’s why I broke up with her, our friendship can’t be missed… - He smile.
A tear fall from your eye, you are just shocked, WHAT HE DID SAY? You are more important for him that Perrie.
-Zayn… - You whisper…
-Shhhh, if what I felt for her was love, I don’t know what I feel for you! Cause it’s bigger.
You smile, and hug him closer.

Since he broke up with Perrie you and Zayn get closer, he’s so cute, and you have him like 24h for day. Since 2 mouths, he star see you with other eyes, and he start falling in love with you.
-[Your name] – He blush.
-Yes? – You look to him.
He kiss you passionately. You break the kiss and look into his eyes.
-Wha-what was that?
-Sorry, I just can’t take anymore, I love you! You da one! – He kiss you again.
-Please tell me that you feel the same.
You kiss him harder.
You giggle…
You both start date, and your love is so stronger, and nothing can make you both break up, cause you want each other so hard, You can make all for him, and he too. He always make sure that you’re smiling, and do cute things like steal flowers from the garden just for you, or walk in the beach with you. Your love is perfect, unbreakable.

**** 9 Months latter *****
-Will take too much? – You ask.
-Is a ways from here, about a 2 hour – He said driving the car, he’s riding for 1D house in L.A.
You close your eyes and laid your head against the car window. He smiles. You just come from a long travel so you are so tired that you fall asleep, Zayn parks the car in the garage of 1D house. He looks over to inform you of the arrival, but you’re sleeping. Instead of waking you, he decides to take it into his own hands to transport you into the building. He tiptoes over to your side of the car and opens the door, unbuckles your seatbelt, and picks you up gently and slowly. He carries you into his house, walking upstairs gently. He lays you on top of the bed, and while your eyes are closed, starts looking at you. He gently takes out your shirt trying to not wake up you, and blush while he look to your exposing bra. He turns on a little and kisses softly your neck. You open your eyes slowly and notice that he’s kissing you.
-Well guess that you’re a little excited. – You said sounding flirt.
-Maybe… - He smirk with his lips on your neck.
You giggle, he start kiss you and bit your lower lip. You roll on the bed and get straddle on top of him.
-You’re a little naughty, aren’t you? – He asking sliding his hands to your butt.
-Yeah… A little… But you started to take off my shirt! So it’s your fault!- You giggle, placing your head on his chest.
- I was taking out your shirt to dress your pajama!
-Well… And why you were kissing me in that way? – You tease him.
-Oh sorry Mrs.Sexy Thing!
You both laugh.
He kisses your forehead and run his fingers through your hair. You both fall asleep in each other arms, his hot breath on your hair. Both are so tired, you just arrived from a long travel. Next day you wake up kissing his cheek.
‘’Awwn he still sleeping…’’ – You think.
You get up slowly and you dress on of his shirts, you walk to the window, and you just take a breath. It feels so amazing, that sunny morning. You feel the breeze, while you look to the garden. Suddenly you feel hands on your waist, and hugging you from behind. You smirk. His hot breath his pressed against your ear.
-Good Morning. – He whisper biting your ear right next.
-Morniing. – You turn your head a little founding his lips and kissing him.
-Hmm… Your lips taste so sweet. – He wink.
You giggle. He slide a little your shirt and kiss your shoulder up to your neck.
You let a little moan escape from your mouth while he does wet kisses on your neck. You turn around and he pulls you against the wall kissing you harder. Suddenly you start ear screams from other room like ‘’UGGH YEAH FASTER UUUUUUGH YEAH LOUIS.’’
You and Zayn look to each other and start laugh harder as you can. Is nobody home just you Zayn, Louis and Eleanor. Maybe they think that you and Zayn are not in home.
You start walking to the kitchen just as Zayn wrapped his arms around your waste with his hands resting on your stomach. You pick some milk from fridge and suddenly he push you against the counter sucking your neck. That turns you on. He slide his hand to your breast and grab it making you feel pleasure.
-Eeeew guys! Do those things on your room! – Louis said teasing you both.
-Like you did with Eleanor? – Zayn tease him too.
Eleanor blush.
-Yeah, and was amazing. Well me and Eleanor have to go, have fun guys! – Louis said wink and open the house door and shout it right next.
You turn around to Zayn and you both kiss each other with passion. And the way that you kiss him makes him turn on and you can feel his men parts against you.
-So-Sorry… - He blush, you both never had sex since start dated, he want that too much but he don’t want to rush you, he want do that when you feel ready.
-Sorry for what?
-For that, I told you that we can do this without rush, only when you want. But you turn me on and I could not control.
-Babe… - You giggle
-What? – He looks confuse.
-I want…
-You have sure?
-Uh-huh… - You smile.
He grabs your bum and pushes you up making you sit on the counter, with your legs wrapped around him, he kiss you harder and then carries you upstairs to his bed, without breaking the kiss, and laying you down gently on the bed then he breaks the kiss.
-I want this so much… - You smile
-I want more… - He kiss your neck turning you on.
He takes out your shirt and your bra and kisses your boobs making you wet and turn on more and more. You get on top of him and you take out his shirt kissing his abs up and down. He grab your bum harder, he’s so horny. When you both get naked, he start teasing you.
-NOOO! Stop babe, don’t tease me! – You smile.
-You want this? – He ask
-Yes please… - You moan
Babe, this is going to hurt a little, and I just want you to know that I would never do this on purpose.
-I love you… - You smile.
-Love you too.
And with that he starts to slide his ____ in you, you do not wanting him to see how much pain you are in.
-Baby I’m hurting you? Do you want me to stop?
-Nooo! I’ll be better… Come on don’t stop please! – You smile.
He slides more in, and let a loud scream, he stops worried.
-No babe I can’t do this… I’m hurting you.
-Please Zayn keep going.
And with that he thrusts in and out of you, starting off slow, feeling the pleasure.
He moans out, you smile, knowing he is enjoying this as much as you are.
-Faster, - you moan
He picks up the speed, going into you as much as he can, you trying to hold in the moans but you can’t, is too much pleasure. And that was your hottest morning with Zayn, or, your HOTTEST MORNING EVER!

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