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quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

Secret Love with Harry

So basically you and Harry have a “secret relationship”. You both are so in love but he doesn’t want to hurt her fans so you both are dating secretly.
You are in ‘’One Direction House’’, that basically is a house where they meet. They pass like the almost they free time on that build, playing PlayStation, swimming on the pool...
Louis and Eleanor are cuddling on the sofa while you and Harry exchange glances.
-I’m hungry… - Louis said while he places his hand on his stomach.
-Me too. – Eleanor smiles cute like always.
-Well… I’ll some sandwiches for us. – You get up and walk to the kitchen.
You leave the living room, Harry look to Louis and Eleanor and feel like the
third wheel.
-Well, I’ll leave you guys here, and I’ll help [your name]. – He smile.
Louis looks to him, and then start kiss Eleanor again. Harry rolls his eyes and walk to the kitchen. He walks over you and hugs you from behind, biting your ear.
-Harry! And if they come in!
-Babe, they are busy, and if you want we can get busy too… - He bit his lips and smile.
You can’t resist him, you turn around, meeting his lips and kiss him harder, Your tongues are dancing while he slide his hands to your bum pulling you closer to him. He sits you on the counter making you wrap your legs around his waist.
-Babe, I was waiting so long to kiss you and cuddle you. – He said smiling and right next kissing softly your nose.
You just smile, while he kiss your neck teasing you. You let a little moan. He laid you on the counter and unbuttoned your shirt kissing and rubbing your boobs softly. You let scape a little moan.
-Guys, is everything all right in there? – Louis scream from the living room
You blush and you quickly jump off the counter.
-Yes. We’re almost done… - You said buttoning your shirt.
-Alright… - Eleanor said.
You and Harry start giggle and bring the sandwiches to them.
-Why did you guys take so long? – Eleanor ask a little confuse.
You look to Harry.
-Because we didn’t want to stay here watch you guys cuddling! – Harry said.
You giggle,
-Oh sorry! – Louis teases him and right next kiss Eleanor teasing him even more.
-[your name] let’s go upstairs play a game or something. I don’t want to see this two! – Harry giggle and tease Louis.
-Okay let’s go. – You both run upstairs.
And get into one of the three rooms. You ear Harry shot and locked the door, And before you can say something he pull you to the bed and laid by your side kissing your lips softly.
-Harry! Are you crazy? – You ask a little worried because LOUIS AND ELEANOR ARE DOWNSTAIRS.
-Yeah babe, crazy for you! – He bit your bottom lip.
Both of you want it so bad. He slides his leg over you and is on all fours hovering over you. He bites your lip but doesn’t kiss you yet. He kisses along your jawline, your eyelids, then hovers over your mouth.
-Tell me to stop babe if you don’t want this. – He’s teasing you.
-Harry… - You hold back the urge to kiss him, but you give in.
You hold his face in your hands and make out with him like crazy. You run your hands through his hair and mess it up. You feel his warm tongue pressing against yours and slip in and out of your mouth rhythmically. Then he slides off your jeans. He kiss you softly and straddles you. He takes your hands and locks them with his as he kisses you harder and harder. He starts grinding against you, you take out his shirt. You roll on the bed and start kissing his hot chest. He get up and take out your panties, and then he takes out his boxers too. He starts get in on you. It’s so amazing the way he make you feel pleasure, a little moan scape from your mouth.
-Shhh. - He puts his finger to his lips to remind you that you can’t make much noise or Louis and Eleanor will hear.
You giggle. You both are breathing so heavily, He moans quietly, you want scream his name but you try to hold it back. But you can’t, it’s too much pleasure you take a pillow to your face and moan so loud. He laugh, and laid by your side kissing your forehead.
You smile.
-I love when you smile babe… - He giggle.
-Well… I love you.
I actually think I love everything about you!
You smile and kiss softly his lips. You dress your thinks while he dress himself too.
-Babe, I was thinking… I can’t take it more… - He said kissing your neck.
-What babe? – You giggle.
-I think we should tell the world how in love we are. – He said looking into your eyes.
-And your fans Harry? – You blush.
-Well… They’ll be happy if they see me happy too. – He smile and kiss you.

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