Warming to all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people. A

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terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

Harry Styles 1 | Chapter 1

Harry Styles Imagine Story Nº1
Chapter 1
Warming: To all our readers, has slight sexual content and may offend/disturb some people.

You have just come in from your friends’ party.  You went upstairs and you are now laid on your bed on your stomach with your knee bent to the side. Suddenly you feel a hand on your knee and a hot breath on your ear whispering:
-Are you tired baby?
You blush…
-Harry! Why you didn’t knock the door before you came in?
-Sorry - he whispered with a deep and seductive voice
- Okay… - you smile- What are you doing here? –you ask but you still laid on your bed
- Nothing… Just say good night – He lay a little on top of you trying to kiss your check, you can feel his men parts on your leg ‘cause he’s only in boxers
-Ha…Harry- You blush harder
-What? – He smile
-Good Night…… - you turn on your back, and smile for him
-Good Night– He’s looking at you, with a cute face
-What? – You blush
- Haha- He laugh while he take a hair from your face – Nothing… Just watch you
-Why? – You blush even more
- Because you are beautiful – he blush while smile at the grown
you sit on the bed, by his side, and hug him. He smile even more, his beauty smile is growing up… He looks you in the eyes and laid you down on the bed. He’s kissing your check, running his fingers through your hair.
-Harry… - You said that with hard breath
you live in a Mansion with 1D… It’s so funny, they are so cute and gently. You have fun with the boys, but Harry… Awww Harry makes you crazy…
-Good Night! - He smile - See you tomorrow – He closes your room door and walks to his room
Next day, you still sleeping, but Harry comes in your room, and lay by your side…
He slides his hand on your face and you slowly open your beauty and shinning eyes…
-WOOOOOOW! – You said loudly while you sit on your bed – What are you doing?
- Sorry… It’s just time to wake up, but I see you in your beauty sleep and … - He smile
- And what? – You ask confused…
- Nothing – He pulls your waist against him and kiss your neck.
You sigh; you love that…
- What? … – He said with his mouth on your neck
- What are you doing?
-Nothing just kissing your neck – He smiles
-Okay... – You laughs while you take his hand and push him moving both to the kitchen…
Louis is with a fridge in his hand and all the boys are sitting in front of the table.
- Good Morning! – Niall screams with a beauty and shinning smile.
-Good Morning ^_^ - You reply to him
- Hey [your name] why you are holding Harry hand? – Liam noticed and starts teasing you.
-Huh? – You look to your hand and you quickly take away your hand from his hand.
Harry smile, but you look down and blush.
-Is not what you think Liam… Don’t be stupid…
-Okay I believe – Liam laughs.
- Oh [your name] we go shopping want go too? – Zayn’s asking
- And what about the Paparazzi? – You said while you raised an eyebrow.
- Who cares? – Harry smiles at you.
- Come on, just shop and see our fans – Louis begging
- Okay… - You smile. – Wait a minute I’m going to dress.
You go upstairs and get dressed while the boys are waiting you on the kitchen. You don’t go very much with guys walk out. You are a singer/actress, and when you and guys are together it’s like a million fans around you.
-I’m ready!!! – You scream while you run downstairs.
- Cool, let’s go? – Louis ask
- Okay, just let me take some money. – You smile.
- Harry, okay, can I drive? – He smile
- Sure – Zayn reply – But don’t kill us – He start teasing Harry while he messy his curly hair with his hand.
-Stop Zayn! - Harry said while combed his hair.
- Guys let’s go I’m ready – You smile while you walk to the door.
-Yeah – Harry smiles while opens the door.
You get out and the flashes started, you put you sun glasses and walk to the car, everybody is screaming ‘’LOUIS” “HARRY” “ZAYN” “NIALL” “LIAM” “[YOUR NAME]” You just smile for everyone and waving the hand, Harry open the door car and you get in, while the boys get in too.
-Where you want to go first? – Harry said while he turns on the car.
- Shopping Centre? – You try.
- Yeeeah,  I need to go to the DVD store- Louis said
- Me too – Niall, Zayn and Liam said at the same time
- Do what? – You ask
- We want buy movies to see tonight… - Louis said
- Okay… - You smile
- And you [your name] ? – Harry asks while he drives
- I need to go buy some clothes – You reply
- I go with you – He smiles
- Harry park the car here – Louis points
- Okay… Wait – He parks the car and everybody get out, the flash started again. But you keep walking to the Shopping Centre. You and Harry go upstairs while the rest of boys stay in DVD Store.
- Harry, where do you want to go first?
- Let’s buy your clothes first them we buy mine, and you help me to choose- he slime
- Okay, and you help me too – You both get in a Clothes store.
 You take some clothes and you entered in fitting room clothing to try the clothes, you dressed a dress, and when you were about to get out to show to Harry he get in.
-Harry!!! What are you doing?
- You were taking so long that I came in – he gets closer
- Wait outside… -You said while he pull you against the fitting room wall
- By the way, you look hot in that dress – He said with a deeply and seductive voice,
- Ha..Harry- You can feel his breath on your neck; his getting harder and closer
- Shhh- He kiss a little your neck making your breath harder.
He slides his hand on your leg and then he lifts your leg and hooks it on his hip.
- Harry – you said sigh – We cannot do that…
-What are we doing? – He said while he kiss your shoulder
- That things… - You said moving your hips closer to his.
- But we are not doing anything; I’m just kissing your neck…
-Harry please stop we got to go… - You said while he bit a little your ear.
- Okay let’s go, we buy my clothes tomorrow – he whisper on your ear.
You both get out when anybody was seeing, you pay your clothes and both run to car.
-Harry just let me text to the boys that we are on the car – he said while he lock the car
- Okay – you smile, while you put the bags on the back sit
- Okay, they are coming – he takes your hand and gets closer to you.
You think: Why he do that thing to me why he’s so sexy?
-You’re eyes are shinning –He said
- Huh…  - you blush
Harry was about to kiss you but a flash stop him.
- Oh… GREAT!!! – Harry said – Now paparazzi are coming!
- But… - he turn on the car
- What? – He smile for you,
- Nothing…
- I received a SMS let me see – Harry reads – Okay… Let’s go home!
- Huh? And the guys?
- Zayn text that Liam and Louis are with their girlfriends, and He and Niall go with Paul…
- ah… Okay – You smile while he drives to home

Finally you are in the mansion, you take out your shoes and go upstairs… Harry go upstairs to but when you were about to enter in your room he push you to his room.
-Harry?  - You ask
-Sorry, I cannot resist you.
He locked the room and kisses you deeply… Finally he kiss your lips, finally you can feel his lips on yours, you feel so good, No you don’t want to stop him, you just want to stay this way forever, but something stopped his kiss, someone knock his door:
-Harry? – Niall asks.
Harry look to the door.
-I’m here! –He reply him with his hands on your waist
-Why your door is locked? And where is [your name]?
Harry look to you, you are so blush, he smile and kiss your cheek

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